Welcome to Lockdown Cornwall

In late April 2020, 4 weeks into Lockdown, Keith Edwards had the idea of uniting musicians and singers across Cornwall in a single musical project.

With the theatre world in complete shutdown and thousands of musicians and singers throughout the country being confined to their homes, the first Lockdown Cornwall project – ‘One Day More’ from Les Miserables – had responses from over 400 people of all ages and backgrounds wishing to become involved. Participants were sent directions to video their performance in their own home, along with a piano guide track and sheet music. Production team member Helen Hartshorne says “When Keith Edwards came to us with this idea, we expected to get 50-100 people. To see this number of participants is wonderful.

The tech team – Scott and Matt Watters along with Nick Long – who received over 17 hours of video, started editing straight away.  The orchestra track of 64 musicians – the size of a full symphony orchestra – was completed in less than 3 days. 21 soloists were then added to the track to share the 8 principal roles, followed by a chorus of 135. Trumpeter Sally Johns: “The wonderful camaraderie with people I’ve never met has been amazing. This experience is something I’ll always remember with pride and gratitude when we look back at these strange times!

Just 13 days after the project’s launch, the finished audio was premiered live on BBC Radio Cornwall on Saturday 9 May, with the full video completed and launched in the early hours of Wednesday 13 May, a mere 2 weeks since materials were sent out. Viewers have been invited to make a donation to Age UK Cornwall via the YouTube or Facebook pages.
With a completely unexpected 40,000+ views on YouTube in the first fortnight, the Lockdown Cornwall team decided it was time to play again – with an open invitation to anyone from, or resident in, Cornwall, to join in.

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Circle of Life

Our second exciting undertaking is the Circle of Life from The Lion King

This one was a challenge to first off learn the Zulu language, then figure out the timing of the many parts.

Circle of Life was created with:

  • 65 musicians – featuring 21 different instruments
  • 107 vocalists across 11 parts
  • 49 wallops!!!
  • 5 wizards in the editing and production team

One Day More

Our first musical offering was the awe-inspiring One Day More from Les Misérables

Created from over 17 hours of video featuring:

  • 64 musicians – the size of a full symphony orchestra
  • 21 soloists – sharing 8 principle roles
  • 135 vocalists making up the ensemble

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